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Our Story

We started our dock business in High School as a way to save money for College.  While we were away at school, we realized that we wanted to stay in the Northwoods.

We knew our dock business had potential:  We decided to:

  • Improve our service level.  Last year, we had a barge custom built to be the most capable boat of its kind here in the Northwoods.  Our barge allows us to work more efficiently (a savings we pass on to customers) and safely — protecting your shoreline and your dock / lift investment.
  • Offer a more complete range of products.  So far, we’ve become authorized dealers for ShoreMaster, Tommy Docks and Shoretex.  We also take trade-ins and refurbish used equipment so we can offer a full range of products and prices to our customers.
  • Operate professionally.  We are fully insured.  We have established our business as an LLC and have retained the accounting and technology support we need to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

One thing we didn’t realize:  this is FUN!  If you have an idea that will make our business better, we’d be happy to hear your thoughts.  And, if  you know somebody who needs the products and services we offer, we’d appreciate a referral.  Thanks!


In 2106, Channel 12 heard about us and came out to the lake to do a feature story.  Have a look — you can see our barge in action!